Distributed Teams & Distributed Development

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Background, About Book & Related Publications: Unlike many other industry leaders, Paul McMahon’s interest in the agile and lean movements were initiated by observing practices that worked best to achieve success when your teammates were not all located in the same physical space (distributed agile development).  For more information refer to Paul’s book.  (contact Paul to purchase book at reduced price).  (link here to Paul’s contact information).

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What Industry Leaders Have Said About Paul’s First Book:

  “…one of the most fascinating books I’ve read for some time…The issues he addresses in “Virtual Project Management” are real and indeed waste a lot of time, money and resources.  Before you start a new inter-organizational task force, give this book a read.  It might make the difference between spectacular success and abject failure.”  Alan Zeichick, Editor-in-chief SD Times

Paul's Recent Related Publications:

2001    “Virtual Project Management: Software Solutions For Today and The Future”, CRCPress, 2001,

Contact pemcmahon@acm.org for best price on this book.

2001    “AVCATT_A: A Case Study of a Successful Collaborative Development Project, IITSEC Conference, Orlando, Nov 2001

2001    “Distributed Development: Insights, Challenges and Solutions,” CrossTalk, Nov 2001 and STC Conference 2001


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