About PEM Systems

Often the root of difficulties faced on real projects cannot be isolated to a single technical or management issue.  Effective solutions require an integrated perspective.  We don’t look at each problem in isolation.  Our solutions are lasting because they consider the complexities our clients face.

If when you think of a consultant you think of someone with real project experience who can come into your organization, understand your key issues, and give you the kind of help that pays high dividends rapidly, then one could refer to our services using this term.  We often don’t use this term because too often it conveys a notion of examining a client’s  problem from a distance --and then telling the client what they should do. 

We work directly with our client’s team first understanding their organization’s strengths.  Our recommendations are tailored to each client’s unique situation, and our services don’t end at the recommendation stage.  We help each client deploy effective solutions, guiding the process based on practical approaches that have been proven and refined in world class organizations. 

We work with clients who have thousands of engineers distributed across the globe, and we work with clients who have less than 50 people in their entire organization.  Our techniques are consistent with the latest system and software thinking as published by recognized experts in the field, but we take it a step further.  We share with our customers practical techniques that make sense in today’s challenging environment.

Contact Information:

Paul E. McMahon
Principal, PEM Systems
118 Matthews Street
Binghamton, New York 13905
Phone: 607-798-7740
Web: www.PEMSystems.com
Email: PEMcMahon@ACM.ORG


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