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About Our Off-The-Shelf Training Products    


Ask about our available off-the-shelf training products in the following categories:


  • Taking An Agile Organization to Higher CMMI Maturity
  • Improving Your CMMI Organization With Lean And Agile Techniques
  • Integrating Agility, Discipline, and Distributed Operations for Maximum Performance
  • Agile Project Management Training
  • Technical Lead Training
  • Integrated Agile Project Management/Technical Lead Training

About Our Tailored Interactive Training Products    


While we provide off-the-shelf training most of our clients prefer our training products that are tailored to meet their specific needs.  Tailored interactive training is available for each of our off-the-shelf products, and can be integrated into a workshop to kick off your own process improvement or specific project initiative.  


Our Agile Project Management and Technical Lead Training can be tailored to fit with your specific organizational processes, scenarios, and your specific brand of Agile Project Management.  

How We Tailor

All our tailored training products are developed based on a series of phone calls to gather key client goals prior to the actual training delivery, leading to tailored training focusing on the key issues your people need.  

Length of Training/Workshops


Length of training courses vary based on content and client needs.  Most interactive training packages run 4 to 12 hours in length, and can be delivered on your site or virtually saving in travel expenses. 


Advantages To Tailored Training    


While tailored training adds some expense due to the added preparation time, consider the following advantages which most clients find make the investment well worth while.


  • More effective training addressing specific issues critical to your people and organization
  • Can be employed to train your people in your specific processes and common scenarios
  • Provides the rationale specific to your organization and culture that your people need to hear to buy-in to changes critical to real performance improvement
  • Can be used as a kickoff to get your process improvement or critical project effort started on the right track
  • Scenarios developed for the training workshops can also be packaged separately and made accessible for personnel to refresh themselves "just-in-time" during project execution

More About "Just-In-Time" Training Scenarios

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