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Ed Harvey, Former President & CEO of BMH, A Simulation and Modeling Company

Contact Information:, Tel: 757-651-4110

Michael R. Oakes, PHD, CMSP, Former Alion Science and Technology

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 Cell:  (757) 561-3324

Don Procuniar, L3 Communications,

Coauthor of published article with Paul McMahon, “AVCATT_A: A Case Study of a Successful Collaborative Development Project”.  


This article is available for review through web site,


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Testimonials from Paul's Agile and CMMI Clients

"Paul E. McMahon (PEM Systems), is a gifted instructor and ideal mentor for software companies of various experience levels.  He tailors his lessons for each training audience and combines industry-wide best practices to keep everyone engaged and collaborating well beyond the end of a session.  He is a catalyst for continuous improvement for any company or organization; a game changer!"

Michael “Quaker” Oakes, PhD

Former PI Lead, Advanced Modeling and Simulation Technology Operation (AMSTO)

Alion Science and Technology

"Paul has added a huge amount of value in his time with us...  He has... helped to steer the project through a very challenging period....Paul is an excellent coach, but more than that he is very knowledgeable in all aspects of complex business change and IT projects.  He has been a great sounding board for me as overall project manager and product owner..."


Mark Dennis, Project Manager and Product Owner

MunichRe, London

"Paul is a one in a million person who truly understands his role as a coach.  He is a fantastic listener, communicates effortlessly keeping things simple, able to see things from the team’s perspective and offers great mentorship."


Clair St. Laurent, Project Manager

Contractor, MunichRe, Toronto


"Before I met Paul, I hated CMMI.  Now I am chomping at the bit to see what it can do for our company." 


Jeremy Kolonay, CSM

Octo Consulting Group

Letter of appreciation, Frank Kendall, The Under Secretary of Defense

Comments of Past Attendees of Paul McMahon’s Seminars


“…allowed many individuals from various organizations to come to a common understanding of the path forward…had not been accomplished in prior two years…Enabled the seemingly impossible to become probable.”

LCDR Dylan Schmorrow, PHD, Office of Naval Research


 “…the tailored workshop addressing a specific project is absolutely fantastic...would like to have this workshop attended by the leaders of all my projects!”

Denise Lyons, PHD, NAWCTSD


Book Reviews

Integrating CMMI and Agile Development

(5 out of 5 stars)  Very practical, very useful for both CMMI and Agile practitioners, December 4, 2010


By  Alex "Cynertia Consulting" (Barcelona, Spain)

I have many books about CMMI, Process improvement, Agile and some other software engineering topics. This is the very first to address a situation that I am increasingly meeting at my software consultancy engagements: companies which are following Scrum (or other agile methods) and want to "certify in CMMI" their processes. The book talks about real cases (as points out in its title) and takes care of the two most common situations: companies having CMMI but wanting to "agilize" their methods, and "agile" companies that want to join the "CMMI club".

It makes a great job discussing about the typical "practice compliance" discussions, very common in CMMI implementation projects and appraisals. To sum up, I do recommend it in case you're a CMMI or Agile practitioner, it will help you a lot saving time in your decisions.

Alex Ballarin @ Cynertia Consulting
Barcelona, Spain



(5 out of 5 stars) Practical Guide, August 19, 2010

By  Paulandsharron -


Excellent practical guide for anyone seeking the benefits of CMMI higher maturity at half the price, (agile and lean combined).


Book Reviews: Virtual Project Management


Mike Tarrani, IT consultant and project manager, March 16, 2004, 5 out of 5 stars
Perfect for managing off-shore teams


When this book was first published nearly four years ago from the date of this review, it addressed a narrow niche - managing virtual teams in large-scale engineering projects…Fast forward to today, and the material no longer addresses a narrow niche, making this book an important resource to a much wider audience…I am evaluating this book from the perspective of an IT professional, and see the audience as ...project and program managers overseeing development that has been outsourced to off-shore providers…IT professionals who have (or are in danger of) losing their jobs because of the trend towards off shore outsourcing… Managing virtual teams is a viable, alternative career option in which this audience segment can employ their technical knowledge and gain the management knowledge to be successful…Executive management exploring the feasibility, risks and challenges of outsourcing to off shore providers and who are seeking a management strategy for making it work… the author weaves in cases, personal experience and anecdotal stories into the text making the book highly readable. He approaches the way to establish and effectively manage a virtual team by focusing on the key barriers and offering solutions…I particularly liked the knowledge dissemination and retention strategies the author provides… an often overlooked element that will make or break a geographically and culturally dispersed team's success. The core of this the structured and methodical eight-step framework... For each of the… steps the author provides in-depth details, challenges and how to overcome them, and supporting rationale. In addition, the appendices in this book are invaluable in that they contain templates, checklists, and other information that fleshes out what is required to effectively manage a virtual team. Appendix L, 'Synopsis of 34 Insights and 50 Solutions', is especially valuable because it summarizes the key challenges of virtual team management.


Alan Zeichick, Editor-in-chief SD Times


“…one of the most fascinating books I’ve read for some time.  The author, Paul E. McMahon, has not only cogent observations and recommendations, but also a storytelling writing style that makes this information-packed book deceptively easy to skim.  It is tempting to read quickly—but slow down.  The solutions that McMahon offers are often quite subtle, and are deserving of careful contemplation….The issues he addresses in “Virtual Project Management” are real and indeed waste a lot of time, money and resources.  Before you start a new interorganizational task force, give this book a read.  It might make the difference between spectacular success and abject failure.”  (Exerpted from July 15, 2001 SD Times Review)                      


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