Helping Organizations Increase Agility & Process Maturity Economically & Effectively

Why Should You Care? --- Don’t waste your limited improvement dollars on false starts! Whether you are starting a new CMMI effort or already using the CMMI and looking to improve, you will save by talking to us first.  Why?  Because using the right consultant just makes sense.  We have helped multiple organizations, large and small, achieve their goals using our proven techniques to develop and deploy the right processes for each organization.  Don’t underestimate the value of investing in the right help getting your effort started and keeping it on the right track.  Using our services has proven to pay high dividends for multiple clients over the past 14 years,  and it can do the same for you whether you are interested in a formal CMMI rating, or simply looking to improve the performance of your organization.


Who Are We?  ---  You will work directly with Paul E. McMahon, Principal, PEM Systems, and  author of the one and only book on “Integrating CMMI and Agile Development” that has been approved for the SEI’s Series in Software Engineering. 


What Can We Do For You?  ---  Helping clients employ our proven techniques is what we do best, and what most clients come to us for.  We can help you get started by assessing your organization and providing a strengths, weaknesses and recommendations report which we can then help you implement.  We can work with your people helping them plan the right course for your organization.  We can share with you the techniques that have proven successful for others whether you are looking to increase process maturity while maintaining your agility, or if you are looking to instill increased agility and performance while maintaining your CMMI compliance.   Best of all, it doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg.


Most Popular Services, Workshops & Consulting --- 

CMMI Gap Analysis leading to Strengths, Weaknesses & Recommendations Report

Tailored Interactive Workshops Based on Your Specific Needs

Process Improvement Planning, Project Kickoff, Working Group Support/Coaching

Process Deployment Training Tailored To Your Specific Processes & Culture

Just-in-Time Consulting/Coaching Accessible on Cost Effective as Need Basis

Assistance Planning, and Preparing for Appraisals


How Can You Access These Valued Services?  ---  .Just pick up the phone and call us (607-798-7740), or drop us an email (  A short discussion will lead to the right decision for your organization. We work directly with our client personnel helping you make the right decisions for your organization.   All services can be tailored to your specific needs and delivered at your site, or virtually through teleconferencing or skype.   

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